5 reasons to solve international legal disputes in Finland

International legal dispute should be resolved in Finland. Finnish dispute resolution is stable, professional and is beneficial on the long run.

Neutral and stable

Finland is a stable environment. Finland is part of the European Union and as a member state in continuous co-operation with the other member states. Judgments on private law are enforceable within all member states. Additionally, Finland has co-operation agreements with the other Nordic states.

Traditionally, Finland has been a neutral country, although the membership in the EU has slightly changed this. Finland is not a member of NATO. The Fund For Peace ranked Finland as ‘very sustainable’ and thus, the most sustainable country in the world in 2017. Corruption index by Transparency International placed Finland as third in 2016.

Also, Legatum Prosperity rating compares economics and quality of life. In this research, Finland was third in the world. More information on Finland is available here.

Good connections

Finland is located in the Northern Europe and by air, is easy to reach. Helsinki is a few hours from the main cities of Europe and Finnair serves many destinations in the world – most notably, Finnair flies the shortest routes to Asia and have several flights a week to the biggest cities in Asia. As a location, Finland is accessible for parties traveling from both Asia and Europe.

The city centre of Helsinki is 30 minutes from the airport and the city has a modern and reliable infrastructure.


Finns are highly educated and the Finnish school system is well-known for excellency (see also this). Many Finnish Lawyers hold a degree from a foreign university. Finns are very internationally oriented.

The two official languages are Finnish and Swedish. In addition, English is taught from the third year of elementary school on and thus, English speakers usually find it easy to communicate in Finland.

Advanced technology

Finland has always been forerunner in technology. Finnish technology company Nokia was the biggest mobile phone manufacturer for over a decade. A Finn developed Linux programme, which is a leading server system in the world, and Supercell and Rovio, the developers of the video games Clash of Clans and Angry Birds, are from Finland.

Positive atmosphere

The former president of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari has made conciliatory conflict resolution distinguished while mediating serious international conflicts.

Legislation — the Finnish Arbitration Act (available in English) is not exact adoption of UNCITRAL model law, however the Act is newer than the model law. Finland is a contracting state in the New York Arbitration Convention. Additionally, Act on Mediation in Civil Matters and Confirmation of Settlements in General Courts (Available in English) is very flexible, so that the parties may freely find a solution, which benefits them both.

National Courts are supportive of alternative dispute resolution.During the court procedures, judges do encourage the parties to either negotiate or mediate in the court.

Emmi E. Lehtinen

Miss Emmi E. Lehtinen is a thesis writer at the University of Turku.